A Stroudsburg Distracted Driving Accident Attorney Can Help


Most of us consider this will not happen to us. I dropped a plastic bottle on the floor of the customer seat and just reach out a little to retrieve it. You will receive an SMS and all you have to do is respond quickly. It only takes 1 second. It may sound harmless and harmless, but it’s a moment when tragedy strikes.

If you are convoluted in a distressed driving accident in Stroudsburg, it can be challenging to obtain benefit for your injuries. We recommend that you consult with an experienced Stroudsburg distracted driving accident attorney at Manly Law Firm to learn about your legal options. The consultation is free and we will respond flexibly https://munley.com/stroudsburg/car-accidents/distracted-driving-accident-lawyer/, so there is no need to worry about the cost until the solution is resolved. Contact a Stroudsburg Auto Accident Attorney today to file a claim.

What is tailgating?

Distracted driving refers to behavior that distracts the driver from the actual task of driving. This includes various activities such as using a mobile phone, sending text messages, eating, applying makeup, or adjusting the vehicle’s audio or navigation controls while driving the vehicle. Texting is becoming visual, standard, and cognitive attention. That means the driver’s texting isn’t completely abstracted on the road. How a driver reacts to amazing hazards, such as the management of other drivers, climate difference, construction sites, and animals and goods on the road, often determines in case a near miss or collision occurs. When a driver’s brain is unavailable with information https://munley.com/stroudsburg/car-accidents/distracted-driving-accident-lawyer/, it becomes less able to process it, reacts less quickly to unexpected dangers, and becomes more prone to accidents.

The SMS ban does not consist of the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Devices that are substantially or electronically combined into a vehicle or communication device attached to a commuter vehicle, bus, or school bus. Without incident, a driver who texts her while driving has committed an administrative violation and will be fined $50.