Your Winter Tyres Should Be Approved For Winter Use


SUV winter tyres

If you have planned to drive through your vehicle, you will need to have winter approved tyres. Make sure that the tyres you have are approved for winter use. When it comes to winter tyres, they will, of course, always be approved, or at least they should be if they are sold as winter tyres. This is not always true for all-weather tyres or some other more all-around type of tyre. You may be in a problem if you believe that the tyres are winter approved, but they are not. It is therefore important that you check if your tyres are approved for winter use and that they have the alpine (3PMSF) symbol on the sidewall of the tyres.

The all-season tyres available in North America sound like they would be usable during the winter season, but this is not the case. The all-season tyres there are summer tyres as they handle all seasons except the winter season. Here you instead should use winter approved all-weather tyres or as they also are referred to as all-season tyres.

In Germany and Poland, the use of studded tyres isn’t allowed, and you also probably want to use the tyres that have been developed for Central European conditions and also allow for high speeds on motorways during the winter time when the weather conditions allow for higher speeds. You can also not cross these countries or visit them with studded tyres on your vehicle.

If the all-season tyres here in Europe are approved for winter use, they can be used for any weather conditions, and you can forget about the weather forecast. You can use these tyres all year round or only use them for the colder period and then use summer tyres during the really warm period. The advantage of doing this is that you can perform very well during the summer, as summer tyres can provide better performance during warm and hot days. 

The all-season tyres can make sure that you are still safe during the unpredictable period where the weather could change quickly, and good weather can turn quickly into bad. If you live in an area that will have almost guaranteed long winter, this doesn’t make sense. Here you are better off than changing to a set of dedicated winter tyres and then alternate between these and the high-performance summer tyres to provide you with the best performance throughout the year. 

It often comes down to your personal preference on what kinds of tyres you want and where you live. It is necessary that you have winter approved tyres when you drive your vehicle in the winter conditions and that you don’t put your life in jeopardy by trying to go through in winter conditions with the tyres that are not approved for the winter conditions. Safety should always come first, and if you want to combine safety with the best performance, you should change tyres during the year to achieve this.

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