Here are 8 Car Modifications That Your Insurer Needs to Know About


We all aspire to have our own car and sometimes even wish to customize it to gear up the performance or have a different look and feel. But do you know that adding a modification to your car, like getting the suspension work done or adding flashy headlights or a turbo engine can increase your insurance cover. Read to know more!


The car’s make & model, features, mileage, and condition of the vehicle are considered while evaluating the insurance prices and the premiums of your insurance policy change when you do any modifications to your vehicle.

An insurance policy keeps you safe against unforeseen circumstances. When you modify your car, you might be increasing or decreasing its safety. Hence, the cost of your insurance premium will increase or decrease accordingly.

Thus, before modifying the car, note that any change to an insured vehicle changes the factors used to calculate the premium. Whenever you plan on making these modifications, inform your car insurance company.

8 Car Modifications That Your Insurer Should Know About

Whenever you buy a car, you will be tempted to upgrade the look and feel of your vehicle with powerful headlights, dazzling alloy wheels, stunning spoilers, and more. Even the thought of adding turbocharges to add more speed to your car would have crossed your mind.

While these modifications make you boost your car’s performance, they also affect the premium of your insurance. The premium of car insurance in India is going to change based on your modifications.

Inform your insurer while modifying your car

If you intend to increase the oomph factor of your car, then make sure you consider a few factors that are going to change the premium. You should know these car modifications can enhance the convenience and add more practicality to your car, but they can also alter the car premium by a huge margin.

  • Car Body Modifications\

This is one of the most common types of car modifications as people want to make their car look more visually appealing and unique. Do note that if you make any changes to your car’s body, for any reason, then you should definitely inform your car insurance company.

  • Car Engine Modifications

As you all know, the engine is the heart and soul of your car. Any kind of modifications done to your engine will change the power and speed of your car.

  • Modifying Suspension and Braking

Suspension and braking are some of the most important safety features of a car. If you intend to make any customisations, then please inform your car insurance in India.

  • Interior Modifications

All the interior customisations like expensive audio systems and cutting-edge air conditioning systems will have an impact on the premium. If you have changed the steering wheels, dashboard, added new and expensive amenities, etc., then it’ll also impact the price of your premium.

  • Wheel Modifications

If you want to upgrade your car’s look and feel by changing tyres, then do inform your car insurance company.