Quick-release Degreasers- The Solution to Wastewater Treatment Problems


A major issue faced by environmentalists today is the spillage of untreated wastewater into pristine water bodies. Wastewater treatment is a lengthy and expensive affair. Yet industries across the world are liable to safeguard the quality of natural resources. Small steps can lead to tremendous changes. One such small step towards a better environment is the mandatory usage of quick-release degreasers for all cleaning purposes.

What are the benefits of using quick-release degreasers?

Quick-release degreaser is an all-purpose cleaning agent that is biodegradable and non-toxic. They are extremely efficient in removing grease and are also great oil-water separators. Thus, quick release degreasers shall find a permanent place in your workshop shelves. The mechanism which quick-release degreasers use for grease removal is quite simple to understand. 

  1. First, they form a strong but very short-lived bond with the surface grease and get it removed from the surface. 
  2. Then, they sever the bond with the grease and team up with the wastewater molecules to be drained away safely. 
  3. The quick-release degreaser acts as the catalyst for the separation of oil and water in this process. 
  4. The wastewater is, thus, freed from oil emulsions and becomes ultra-safe to be disposed of.

Industries that use quick-release degreasers are also on the advantage of contributing to a greener planet. These degreasers are totally bio-degradable and non-toxic. They are easy to use and easier to dispose of. Some companies like Optimax take special care to produce the quick-release degreasers from natural and renewable resources only. This is the major reason why these degreasers are non toxic and environment friendly.

Stages of Wastewater Treatment 

  • The first step is to separate the water from oil emulsifiers. For achieving this, many techniques are used. One common technique deployed is the gravity separation method. In this method, the oil and wastewater need to be phase-separated based on the difference in specific gravity.
  • Quick-release degreasers speed up this process by isolating themselves from the oil. Then the less dense wastewater is released via an outlet present at the bottom of the separator.
  • Thus, the time required for wastewater treatment comes down considerably.

With multiple properties to their advantage, quick-release degreasers are an unavoidable element in industries today. They represent the bigger solution to the persisting dilemma of environment conservation. Industries especially have a liability to promise a better future for the coming generations. This can be achieved by changing to quick-release degreasers for your industrial cleaning purposes. Set standards high for the generations to come and make the world a better place.