How To Change Brake Pads In Your Car?


Brakes are essential parts of your car. If your brakes do not work correctly, you will likely crash into a wall and hurt yourself. Car brakes sometimes fail due to a lack of maintenance and awareness. 

For the brake to work correctly, you should replace its pads promptly. You can consult with your car company or an expert to know how often you need to change your brakes. Some cars can go 70,000 miles before needing a brake pad replacement; however, some cars need one after only 20,000 miles. Therefore, it differs from car to car. 

The best way to find out if the brake pads need to be changed is to listen to them. If you hear a screeching sound upon using the brakes, it’s time. To change the brake pads, you will need an essential Cross Drilled Rotors brake pads tool kit. 

Steps To Change Your Brake Pads

  • Find a flat surface – Find a flat and smooth area to park your car before beginning with the procedure. Working on uneven ground can make the process difficult. 
  • Remove the wheel – Using a tire iron, loosen the lug nuts in the wheel. After that, jack up your car and move the jack stands into place. Remove the lug nuts and remove the wheel to get access to the brake assembly. 
  • Remove the bolts – Find the slider bolts or “pins” holding the calliper in place and remove them. 
  • Examine the calliper – Here, you can inspect the thickness of the brake pads to decide whether or not they need to be changed. Your pads are worn out if the friction material is 1/8th of an inch thick or less. 
  • Remove the old pads – You can very easily remove the old brake pads by sliding them out. 
  • Add the new brake pads – With the help of some grease, lubricate the backside of your new brake pads. Lubrication helps the new pads to slide in easily. Be careful not to put lubricant inside of the new brake pads. This can stop them from working. 
  • Put everything back in place – After placing the new pads, attach the calliper and slider bolts back in place. Straighten the wheels, re-mount the tire, and tighten the lug nuts. 
  • Repeat for the other side – Repeat the same steps to replace the brake pads of the other front tire. 
  • Please give it a test drive – Find a safe place to give your new brake pads a test drive before going on the road. Remember that your brake pads will have a high engagement point. 

Maintaining the brake pads of your vehicle is essential for you and your car’s safety. To find premium quality brake pads, contact Cross Drilled Rotors.